Micro Mesh Gutter Guards, for protection, of more than the Roof!

So you live in a place with frequent showers or bouts of rain. Now, all that water needs an outlet and you have a gutter that lets the water off your roof. Stationary water on your roof or anywhere in the open is just bad news. It just causes more problems than you want to deal with.

Cleaning out a gutter is a strenuous job to say the least and should be avoided if possible.

However if you don’t clean your gutters on a regular basis you stand to risk getting it clogged. If your gutter is clogged then all the water i.e. rain water mixed with the sewerage water will just collect and create a massive pool water-logging your entire home.

To avoid these dire situations, gutter guards are used. Gutter guards aren’t perfect in the sense that you will have to clean out your gutters now and then but you needn’t be as concerned because they are very handy in restricting the leaves, debris and other unwanted materials.

For installing a Micro Mesh gutter guard you have to be able to determine what you need.

This of course will take into account what your debris is; leaves and what not. Personally, I think doing a recon with your neighbors and friends will be of great value. They would also be able to guide you since they have used the guards themselves and are aware of the problems associated with them. So in essence, they would know what is good for you and what works. Various brands have come out with different gutter guards. These comprise guards which are made of aluminum, plastic, nylon or vinyl etc. Moreover you can also choose between mesh, solid screens, filters, snap-in and more.

So, finally, a choice remains to be made if you want to make the guard on your own or take professional help. Even though you can get a lot of help online, if you have no prior experience, then I would suggest that you go for professional help.

In addition, there are many screening materials that can be used to seal off the gutter. The main motive here is not a perfect gutter guard but keeping your gutters flowing. Regular maintenance and checking up on your gutters and gutter guard can save you lots of hassles later on. Hopefully you will be able to install a gutter guard conveniently and cost-effectively.

So far number 1 is Micro Mesh, either Rhino Guard or Easy On, depending on your cash flow!

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T.C. Beringer ” The Gutter Guy ”

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