Choosing A Gutter Guard Specialist

Most homeowners realize the importance of having their gutters cleaned on a yearly basis to keep them from getting clogged up. They know the water needs to run out of the gutter, but they don’t realize where the water goes if the gutters are clogged and the extensive damage it can cause to their home.

They’ll usually hire someone from a neighborhood paper thinking it’s an easy job. Most of these handymen are not licensed or bonded and don’t have any special skills in home repairs. The homeowner doesn’t know that their gutters could be cracked, sagging or pulling away from the fascia board as the handyman doesn’t know what to look for.

You can’t see the gutter unless you climb the ladder to the roof to inspect them yourself but then you don’t know what you’re looking for. You need to choose a guttering specialist to install your gutter system that is licensed, bonded, has been in business for several years, carries top of the line products and offers a lifetime warranty.

Pick out three or four and call them for a free estimate, ask how long they’ve been in business, are they licensed and bonded and ask if they offer a lifetime warranty on the product, then check the BBB for their rating. You can use the one that offers the lowest price, but remember quality is more important than price.

Some companies don’t offer a top quality gutter guard protection, while others offer the best. Never hire a small fly by night company that’s not licensed or bonded and wants paid upfront. When they ask for payment like that, they don’t intend on doing a satisfactory job, if they do it at all.

The professionals are skilled gutter guard specialists and care about customer satisfaction. They have a good reputation and can provide testimonials from previous customers. They will explain the difference in the gutter systems, since there are different types depending on your house, budget and how many trees you have.

The best gutter specialist will perform a top quality job with a gutter guard system that is the best in the industry offering a lifetime warranty. Some will include an annual gutter cleaning and some won’t, but they’re still a good company, it’s usually just a difference in the price. By using a reputable company, it will pay for itself in the long run avoiding costly repairs due from cracks in the walls and leaky ceilings.

Some homeowners have taken short-cuts trying to save money when it ended up costing them three times more than what they would’ve paid the professional for, so by hiring the best will save you money and heartache from a destructive home.

Why Gutters Are The Most Important Part Of Your Home’s Exterior

Moving into a new home is exciting and you’re looking around to see how you want to make it look better and maybe it needs some cosmetic work so you pick out paint and wallpaper, cabinets and countertops.

Then you look at the exterior and notice a few loose shingles on the roof. You want to add some planter boxes, a sprinkler system and landscape the lawn as well as paint the trim and add awnings.

You think of everything you need to do to fix up the exterior, but you never gave a thought to the guttering system. Gutters are sight unseen while the overhang hides them from view and that’s why most homeowners ignore them.

Gutters are the most important part of your home’s exterior because they catch the water so it doesn’t flood your house. When it rains, the water flows through the gutter to the downspout and runs out into the yard away from your house protecting it from leaks, cracks and flooding.

Bad gutters have cracks, sag and are pulled away from the fascia board making it difficult for the water to run through them, so therefore the water runs down the side of your house causing seeping into the interior wall and ceiling leading to cracks in the walls, a stained ceiling from dampness and a cracked foundation.

Mold and mildew form creating health problems such as allergies and other respiratory illnesses to you and your family. Clogged up gutters will cause the same problem as the water has nowhere to go. Snow and ice mount up in the gutters putting a lot of weight on them that causes them to sag, crack and pull away from the fascia board.

Something that seems small as a gutter can cause a lot of destruction to your home if they’re not in tip top shape. The way to keep your gutters in top condition is to hire a professional gutter guard specialist to install gutter guards. They protect your gutters by filtering out the debris and twigs so the water can run through the downspout out away from the home.

With knowledge of why gutters are the most important part of your home’s exterior can save you thousands in costly repairs, a fire hazard and the health of you and your family. When calling a professional make sure they offer a free estimate, will explain why you need gutter guard protection, are licensed and bonded and offer a lifetime warranty on the product as well as a guaranty on their workmanship.

By adding protection to your gutters will save you a fortune in repairs and you’ll have a safe worry free home.

How Gutter Guards Can Save Your Home And Your Health

Buying a new or older home is a daunting task, but once everything goes through and you’re handed the keys, it’s exciting. After you’ve moved into an older Victorian Style home you make a list of remodeling jobs you want done. You see several things you want to improve to the interior and then you move outside to look at the exterior.

You love the brick but you want to change the trim color. You want to add shrubbery, flowers and a fountain. You look up at the roof and you think everything looks fine except the paint on the overhang is peeling. You’ve set up a budget to have these things done, but one thing that never entered your mind was the gutters.

You don’t know if they’re clogged up, if they’re in good shape or if they need replaced. You think the house is solid but you haven’t considered what bad or clogged gutters can do to destroy your home.

When you hire someone to paint the overhang he notices the gutters are clogged with twigs, leaves, animal feces and other debris. He also notices a bird nest in the gutters and runs into a squirrel burying nuts in the debris. He’s not a gutter guard specialist but he advises you to call one to get protection for your gutters and you ignore his advice at this time.

After three years living in the house, you see a few cracks in the walls that were not there before you moved in and some stains in the ceiling. You notice a musty smell in the attic and find mold in the bathroom as well as black spots on the ceiling.

Now you’re thinking that the mold might be causing your allergies and your child has been sneezing quite often. You decide to call your brother who is in construction and after checking your gutters he notices that they’re pulled away from the fascia board that they’re supposed to be attached to.

There’s some roof damage so he suggest you call a gutter guard specialist to see if they can fix the gutters and add some kind of protection to keep the gutters from clogging and cracking. The specialist comes out to inspect your gutters and explains they’re still in good shape; they just need to be attached to the fascia board. He also explains how gutter guards can save your home and your health.

Gutter guards filter out all the debris, ice and snow so the water can run through the downspout to the ground away from your house. They installed top quality gutter guards with a lifetime warranty and you finish off with all the house repairs. Now your home is safe with gutter protection.

How To Protect Your Gutters With Gutter Guards

The gutters on your house are the most important part of the exterior structure because they catch the water that runs into the downspout onto the ground away from your home. Without gutters your house can fall apart from water damage and it would cost a fortune having all the repairs done.

When your gutters fill up with leaves, twigs and other debris, there’s no place for the water to go except down the side of the house and backing up on your roof. When this happens, you have leaks in the walls and ceiling and sometimes it can crack your home’s foundation.

When homeowner’s have water problems and need to have their walls and ceiling repaired, bad gutters is usually the reason. Protecting your gutters with gutters guards are a necessity to prevent your home from water problems. Too much weight from debris, ice and snow leads to the gutters swaying away from the fascia board and also causes them to sag and crack.

Bad or clogged up gutters serves no purpose protecting your home from water damage. All this damage could be avoided if you were educated on how to protect your gutters with gutter guards. They filter out the debris, snow and ice keeping your gutters in top condition serving the purpose they’re intended for. This protection will save you a fortune in repairs and medical bills as the water damage also causes mold and mildew leading to allergies and other respiratory problems.

It’s bewildering that home builders do not add gutter protection knowing the destruction clogged up gutters can cause to the home. They believe you are responsible for keeping them cleaned out, but since they are hidden from our view, it’s something that’s easily overlooked.

Some people believe their homeowners insurance will cover the repairs caused from water damage, and indeed they will if the damage was caused by a flood through the Act of God, but it won’t cover repairs due from gutter damage. It’s the homeowner’s responsibility to take care of their gutters.

Most homeowners will hire someone to clean their gutters periodically but they make the mistake of hiring a handyman who knows nothing about home repairs or maintenance. Most of these handymen do a sloppy job and never completes the task of cleaning the gutters thoroughly.

A professional gutter specialist should do this job because they’re in the business and will inspect for cracked or sagging gutters. They will inform the homeowner how to protect their gutters with gutter guards and how important it is to keep the gutters clear so the water will run away from the house, not into it.

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